Lexington’s “Center Streetscape Plan” Unfolds!

Lexington Center Streetscape

Ever wonder about the “Save Lexington Center” signs popping up all over town? Last night’s meeting at Cary Hall rolled out ideas for some wonderful improvements coming our way. A crowd came out to hear the “Lexington Center Streetscape Design” Committee talk about their proposals on sidewalks, lighting, landscaping and much more!  I love their proposal for “wire cut” smooth, natural brick laid in a charming herringbone pattern to replace the current sidewalks.  Our center will go from charming and attractive to “Wow!” once these plans are implemented.

Get up-to-date on the plan at the website: Lexington Streetscape ; this site included proposals, articles and news stories to keep you up-to-date.

A crowd gathered on the evening of January 11th to hear the ad hoc Commitete unfold their plans for an improved Lexington center.

A crowd gathered on the evening of January 11th to hear the ad hoc Committee lay out their proposal to improve Lexington center.



This is exciting! Our own Jonas Clarke Middle School was one of just four schools in the country named a 2013 National Blue Ribbon Award for “Exemplary High Performing” category, and only two Massachusetts schools received the award (including Winchester High School).

But Clarke is right at home in the award-winning category. It generally lands among the top three middle schools in the state in terms of MCAS score. Principal Anna Monaco runs the school with an enthusiastic, loving and intelligent hand. Clarke also boasts one of the nation’s top math teams. Their team earned a place in the Top 5 team in many of the past ten years. I have seen families move into Lexington for Clarke’s Math program.

Students are assigned to a close Team, which shares core classes together. This is one of the reasons why this large school feels small. From Group activities to school wide fun, such as ski trips and dances to 8th Grade trips to Broadway shows, Quebec and Mexico.


Number of Students – 860
Principal – Anna Monaco
Address-17 Stedman Road
Website: http://lps.lexingtonma.org/clarkems